Kia Carnival 2.5lt

Kia Carnivals 2.5 LT K5 1999 to 2006

R.P.E re-designs and re-engineers the KIA Carnival K5 engines from 99-06. All owner and pre-owners of these vehicles know the trouble these engines produce. It is commonly diagnosed as a blown head gasket, and timing belt problems which cause bent valves, overheating, water in the oil (milky oil), low compression and leading to complete engine failure. We know the cause of these symptoms and we have the knowledge and technology to repair it.

Our redesigned engine is better and cheaper than installing another alternative engine. A replacement engine like the V6 commodore (which is more common and less expensive to buy outright), however in the long run it will take a long time to do and will be very expensive. A lot of the other V6’s are north to south engines and are from a completely different set up, e.g. kias are front wheel drive, have different axels etc. You would have to get the engine grafted and modified to suit the kia gearbox with also manufacturing new parts like flywheel and adaptor plates. You would then need to get it professionally engineered, so all together to graft another engine would estimate $8000-$10 000 alone.

It is more cost effective to repair the old engine as you can still get alot of problems from grafting another engine into the kia. Our motors come with 12 months/100 000kms warranty.
We have a ‘state of the art’ engine workshop with qualified mechanics, reconditioners and toolmakers with 25 years experience that have studied these engines, found the faults and redesigned the engine to eliminate the initial problems. so we can definitely assure you we can fix it. We also have our own company KIA carnival as a prototype which you can test drive or use it as a loan car if you want your engine fixed.

We manufacture our own sleeves in our cnc equipment to replace the KIA and aftermarket sleeves as they tend to not be within right specifications because they drop and microvibrate inside the block and also at such an early stage in the vehicle. All our sleeves are machined to height once pressed into the block and then are machined to main bearing tunnel to a specific crush height.

The block is bored and honed (with torque plate in place) to specific piston to bore clearance; the heads are reconditioned with emphasis on install height of valves so lifter, cam area etc do not fail.

The engine is balanced within 1 gram, with new pistons, rings, all bearings, gaskets, valves, guides etc, timing belt, adjuster and idler. The motor is assembled with correct tensions and timing. You can ‘drive in, drive out’, send us your engine by our crate freight or an exchange motor.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.