Holden V6

Holden V6 3.8lt Big Bore Kit

R.P.E can modify your 3.8lt V6 Commodore with a 4.2lt Big Bore Kit. We have developed this unique big bore kit with our skills in engine machining, tool making and technical knowledge on building performance engines by using readily available parts and manufacturing our own parts to produce this unique and affordable engine.

P platers that means you! You get a performance motor at a great price as well as legally giving your V6 loads more power or you may love your V6 and want it to keep up with the V8’s.

The block is bored, conrods will be machined, cam to suit each application, porting, rechambering the heads, bigger air intake and balanced. We can build custom manifolds and sumps to suit and we also offer the 4.2lt with a stroker crank. So it can be set up with different combinations of bore size, conrod length and stroke size. These are just some of the options for our stage 1, 2 or 3 RPE big bore kits. The heads will be serviced, crankshaft ground within tolerance, new bearings and gaskets, assembled, full engine clean and paint. You can add new roller rockers and alloy heads.

This can also be done with our fully sick Ecotec V6 4.7lt big bore with stroker crank we resleeve the block, performance cam, porting, bigger air intake, rechambered heads, balance with also new roller rockers, lifters, double row timing chain, new management system etc and recondition the rest of your engine (as above).

We can cater for anyone’s budget.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at engines@rpengines.com.au for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.