Honda CBX1000 “Big Six” Bore Engine

Ever since the CBX was launched many have felt that the 1047cc displacement was too small for the six cylinder engine, RPE Racing feels the same way and we offer the option to any owner of these amazing bikes the opportunity to get that extra punch from that 6 cylinder amazing piece of motorcycle history.

Range of big bore engines:

  • 1150cc big bore engine which is a bore and hone of the original cylinders.
  • 1200cc is a re-sleeve of the original cylinders block, bored out cases to o/s cylinders and H beam conrods.
  • 1370cc this is a re-sleeve of the cylinder block, bore out the cases to o/s cylinders and H beam conrods. This also available in kit form see products.

RPE manufacture standard replacement conrods, H beam 106.5mm eye to eye 15mm pin. See products.

Under request we can also perform other modifications to standard bore and big bore engines, including:

  • hotter camshafts
  • head porting to improve volumetric efficiency
  • bigger valves
  • heavier valve springs
  • race spec valve guides
  • titanium retainers
  • standard carburetors can be replaced by bigger, better units
  • performance exhausts
  • ignition timing revised to suit all modifications
  • crankshaft machining to knife edge with lightening and balancing.
  • upgrade to fuel injection system with ecu

All of these upgrades have the rest of your engine reconditioned. They can be complemented with performance cams, bigger valves, ported and polished head, polished and balanced crank, ceramic coated pistons, clean up and paint, upgrade of exhaust and carburettors.

CBX 1000

CBX1350 Honda 170hp

Honda CBX1000 1150cc engine dyno

Honda CBX1000 1150cc engine dyno