Toyota 1UZ V8

RPE Engines has been involved in multiple Toyota 1UZ engine projects. This is a magnificent all alloy, quad cam engine that we know very well.

We have developed this engine for hill climb cars and other competition vehicles both in highly strung N/A form and forced induction applications, such as a twin supercharged hill climb single seater.

Depending on the application we can use our in house machining facilities to modify the block. We can sleeve the block, use forged pistons and rods and balance the rotating assembly.

We generally enlarge the head bolt size on these engines to improve head sealing and port the heads for improved airflow as they are quite restrictive in stock form.

Camshafts, valve springs and valves are all available through our suppliers and guarantee that the combo is well suited for your objectives.

The 1UZ engines responds very well to forced applications and we are happy to work on such bold projects.

We suggest using a Haltech standalone to tune these engines and we can take care of wiring and tuning in our Dyno.

We prefer to do the whole project for you so we can guarantee the quality of every part and machining process. Drive in drive out would be the best way to get a reliable high performance engine. This means we will remove, modify, install and tune your engine for the modifications on our shop Dyno and provide you with a before and after Dyno sheet. We will stand by our work.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.