Ford Windsor

R.P.E can recondition your ‘every dayer’ or do a performance motor in your Sunday driver. We do Windsor 289, 302, 347 stroker and Boss. If you want your motor to be refreshed or rebuilt to STD specifications we are the people to see.

We can also give you that extra power you had always wanted with that stroker motor. We offer a budget to a full blown stroker (stage 1, 2 & 3) which ever suits your budget and needs. We can supply a stroker kit; from Procomp to Scat kits, cast or forged.

Dyno tuning before and after rebuild or modifications.

Any of the engines can be complimented with:

  • Cam to suit each application; billet, re-grind or off the shelf.
  • Head work; porting, alloy heads and CNC heads available.
  • Roller rockers, valve springs, lifters, double row cam chain set, steel harmonic balancer or any part you require.
  • Build you engine to suit super charging or turbo charging.
  • We can even resleeve your block with chrome bores.

We do balancing, assembly, installation and dyno tuning for all our motors in house.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.

347W Stroker

347W Stroker