Landrover Freelander V6

The Freelander is the same design to the KIA carnival k5 engine. We re-engineer the 25K4F Freelander engine just as the KIA K5. Common symptoms for this engine are using water, overheating, milky oil, hard to start, loss in power and blown head gaskets. We know the cause of these symptoms and we have the knowledge and the equipment to fix it.

We have a state of the art workshop with qualified toolmaker, engine reconditioner and mechanics with 30 years experience that have studied the engine, like the kia k5 engine, and have found the faults, redesigned the engine to eliminate the initial problems.

We manufacture our own sleeves in our cnc equipment to replace the Rover and aftermarket sleeves as they tend to micro vibrate in the block causing them to hit the head gasket and blow. This happens at such an early stage in the vehicles life. Our sleeves are machined to height once pressed into the block and then machined to main bearing tunnel to a specific crush height.

The block is bored and honed (with torque plate in place) to specific piston to bore clearance. The head are reconditioned with emphasis on install height of valves so cam and lifter area don’t fail. The engine is balanced within 1 gram, with new pistons, rings, bearing, gaskets, valves, guides and lifter, timing belt and components, the engine is then assembled. We can offer you ‘drive in, drive out’ service, we can re-engineer you engine or you may want our rover crate engine.

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