Nissan X-Trail QR25DE Engine 2.5lt

R.P.E. can resolve your overheating problems with Nissan X-Trail engine.

Has your engine been overheating? Has your engine been repaired? Have you had your head gasket replaced? Are you still having problems with your engine getting hot or water in the oil?

When these engines get hot, over heat and blow a head gasket you replace the head gasket and find the cause for the overheating e.g. Radiator hose split or blown, water pump faulty or leaking etc…

However, you can still have a problem with overheating or water in the oil. When your engine overheats it can cause distortion all through your engine especially the QR25DE because it is all aluminum. The cylinder head can distort, the valve seats can distort, the sleeves & the Block can distort and also being a ‘wet sleeve’ engine may cause a slight discrepancy causing this problem all over again. This can cause performance issues as well with the valves not seating.

You must be also careful of the water getting into your engine after a long period of time as this can cause internal rusting which can cost you more in the long run.

To fix your engine we bore the engine block, valve service the cylinder head, machine the crankshaft, deck the head face and the block face within 0.001″.

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Nissan QR25DE Engine