Robinson Precision Engines specializes in the LS engine family. This includes the LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7.

Using our extensive line of performance parts suppliers and machining capabilities we can tailor the modifications for you objectives, from mild upgrades, high rpm screamer or a forced induction application.

We can machine your block and convert your block to 383, 400 or 427 cubic inches. Forged or cast engine internals to suit the application. Other combinations are also available.

Our very own shop car has an LS1 derived RPE 427 engine with in-house developed chrome sleeved block, forged Lunati crank and rods, forged Wiseco pistons, balanced rotating assembly and race cylinder head. This combination is good for 600+hp.

Your 400 would have 4” bore and 4” stroke and the 427 would have 4” stroke and 4.125” bore. It will include forged pistons, stroker crank, I or H beam rods and steel or nodular cranks and balanced within 1gram. All this is accomplished in house, no outsourcing – we build your engine, every step of the way.

For more extreme applications, we use specially developed blocks from Dart Machinery. Cast Iron, Aluminium or Billet blocks are available so all applications can be catered for.

The sturdy bottom end is accompanied by head modifications – cams, headwork, roller rockers, valve springs, solid lifters. CNC heads are also available when chasing ultimate performance.

To avoid harmonic vibration damage, a performance harmonic balancer is used as well as a double row timing chain.

Tuning these engines is done in house, on our Dyno using the EFI Live tuning tool to make sure your ECU is perfectly calibrated for the new found performance. If you are after an old school / classic setup we can setup a carburetor system on your engine.

We strongly suggest you consider an E85 conversion. This high octane, cool burning, low cost fuel is perfect for a high compression or forced induction engine and we can tune the car for it so you can run it with fuel pump or E85 and the tune will automatically adapt to that.

Call us at 0408 639 666 or email us at engines@rpengines.com.au for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.

We prefer to do the whole project for you so we can guarantee the quality of every part and machining process. Drive in drive out would be the best way to get a reliable high performance engine. This means we will remove, modify, install and tune your engine for the modifications on our shop Dyno and provide you with a before and after Dyno sheet. We will stand by our work.