Landcruiser 1HZ

Want some more power out of your landcruiser??

R.P.E can recondition your Landcruiser 6 cylinder 1HZ engine and fit a turbo kit for that extra power you’ve always wanted.

Before we start, we dyno the vehicle for a reading before we do the rebuild and turbo kit. We also make sure we have the compression ratio pre-planned and find out what the customer’s uses are for their vehicle.

Firstly, we fully recondition your head; reseat valves, grind valves, install new precombs and surface grind face, clean and assemble with heavy duty valve springs.

We clean up the block with a bore and hone, grind the crankshaft and balance engine within 1 gram. We assemble with alfin inserted pistons and 1HDT conrods to suit for the turbo charging. Install new cam bearings with a special torque cam to suit and rebush the conrod little ends to ensure their strength.

We install all new conrod and main bearings, gaskets, seals, timing belt and components, head bolts and assembled with care.

Finally, we install the turbo kit and run on the dyno for some final fine tuning. Then do a dyno run to get a final reading so we can see the gain in power.

By us rebuilding the engine and installing a turbo we receive approx. 50% gain in power.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at for more information and to discuss possible modifications to your setup.