Harley Davidson Evo

RPE Racing developed a 96 cu in evo engine that is machined and built in house.

This engine is built from your donor bike so there is no changing of the engine number. You can ‘ride in ride out’ or send your engine over to us after we`ve sent you a specific crate for you to put your engine in so that it`s protected against any damage during transportation.

Robinson Precision Engines only use genuine Harley bearings, gaskets and parts. The plasma molly bores are state of the art European developed technology and the full roller rockers take all that friction off the valve train making the big engine rev really quickly!

The engines use american forged pistons, the heads are rechambered to a new burn design and balancing the engine makes this big engine smooth with mininmum vibrations. The 45 mm mikuni carby makes this big engine breath, economy on cruise, grunt and accelerate when you need it.

These engines produce 100 ft lbs with 90 BHP at the rear wheel.

Robinson Precision Engines have FXR and Fat Boy demo bikes with the 96 cu inch engine for test ride to sample the grunt. Please ring us to make an appointment.

1540 Harley

1540 Harley; supercharged, EFI

1200 Shovel