RPE Racing is a division of Robinson Precision Engines dedicated to the development of high performance road and race engines such as the Harley Davidson Evo, CB Four 750 SOHC, 750 DOHC and CBX1000 CB Six.

Our engine reconditioning machining facilities allow us to develop Big Bore Engines and stroker Engines for these models that you can’t find elsewhere.

Our objective is to bring these older engines to modern standards of power, torque and refinement.

Our engine packages are tested on our in house Dyno for power figures, air fuel ratios and ignition timing tuning so the package you receive is ready to run out of the box, either in carbureted or fuel injected form.

We specialize in the whole performance package in either a ride in ride out arrangement or work on your engine as a whole, starting with disassembly and assessment, machining and performance modifications, reassembly and Dyno testing.

Racing 1400cc CBX Engine on the Samurai 6 by Taimoshan Cycle Works