Motorcycle Carburetor and EFI Tuning

RPE has a great involvement with racing and high performance bike engines through our RPE Racing division.

Therefore we are no strangers to tuning motorcycles. We use our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer to accurately tune both Carburetted and Fuel Injected Motorcycles.


We can tune stock carburettors and racing carburettors such as:

  • Keihin
  • Mikuni
  • Dellorto
  • Webber
  • Edelbrock
  • Amal

We can also tune modify other brands and have done so before. With the help of the Dynamometer we can guarantee the best fuel mixtures across the rpm and load range.


EFI Tuning

For those that cannot do without the precision of Electronic Fuel Injection, RPE can help you retrofit modern EFI Systems to older motorcycles. We have done just that on Honda CB 750 (CB Four), Honda CBX 1000, Honda Boldor and Harley Davidson using mainly Haltech ECUs.

Carburettor Tuning

Our very own RPE Racing bikes are a Supercharged Fuel Injected Harley Davidson and a Supercharged Honda Boldor 900 (also fuel injected). Both these bikes have bigger bore engines developed in house with modifications to withstand the increased power and cylinder pressures resulting from forced induction.

Harley Tuning

These projects were impossible without resorting to fuel injection.

Converting a bike to fuel injection involves wiring the bike with everything needed for EFI – trigger systems, injectors, throttle bodies, ignition coils, relays, fuses and power wiring.

After the installation is finished, Dyno tuning ensues to develop the fuel and ignition maps tailored to the specific engine configuration.

EFI guarantees these old bikes can have great drivability and tuneability. Coupled with our range of high performance and race engines developed by RPE Racing, this engines produce more power, better response and fuel economy than they were ever meant to.

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