Ford XR6 and V8 Stock ECU Tuning

RPE Tuning uses the HP Tuners software tuning to flash the Ford stock ECU on both the V8s and Inline 6 engines.

This tool reflashes the calibration file on your stock ECU so you can have increased performance on the stock setup or a tailored tune for your modifications. This means increased performance while maintaining road manners and drivability.

Bigger injectors, exhaust, Ethanol (E85), supercharger, turbo, camshaft and headwork - all can be tuned on the stock ECU!

Want to up the turbo on your XR6? We can flash your ECU and you will not need to buy a controller that is bound to the car. Our software flashes the memory on the ECU without the need of the external controller.

HP Tuner

We can also tune your automatic transmission to suit the increased engine power.

Tunes are developed in house and are tailored to each car in our Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno (2WD). Service includes dyno printouts from before and after power runs.
We can optimise your ECU for your specific car, tuning the different fuel and ignition tables. We can also reprogramme your automatic transmission to suit the new powerband.

We have experienced performance engine builders that can help you get the most out of your engine.

Get your car RPE Tuned and don't look back.

Loaner Car is available so you can tune your daily driver without any inconvenient.

Engines / Vehicles we can tune:

  • All 2002 – 2014 BA / BF and FG Falcon including automatic transmission