Engine Dyno

We can tune your engine on our Dyno vehicles (Holden and Ford). These vehicles have special mounts to accommodate any engine you have built so we can tune or check the power your engine is developing.

This service includes mounting the engine on the chassis and using our 2WD Dyno Dynamics Dyno to tune it or just do a power run.

We can run in your engine and provide you with the power and torque figures across the Rpm range.

This can help you finish your engine build when you don’t have a chassis to drop the engine in or are thinking of selling the engine and would like to have power figures to document its performance.

If your engine requires a carburettor or an EFI system to run, we can provide those as well.

Call us at 02 6332 2233 or email us at tuning@rpengines.com.au for more information or a quote.