Aftermarket ECU Tuning

Aftermarket ECUs are very versatile devices that can control most available engines.

We can tune most aftermarket ECUs like Haltech, Motec, Link, Microtech or OMEX. We are an Authorized Haltech Distributor and Installer and believe Haltech products are a very good solution for most engine management needs.


We tune the vehicles on the Dyno, using steady state conditions to accurately tune the fuel and ignition tables. But that’s only part of the tuning. We focus heavily on drivability so that the car is both powerful and a pleasure to drive.

Advanced features like ignition cut, closed loop, knock sensing, traction control, DBW and variable valve timing can be tuned.

You can expect great drivability, cold start, low speed manners and fuel economy.

All dyno tuning is based on Air Fuel Ratio readings and Knock Sensing to guarantee the safety of your engine.

Loaner vehicles are available.

ECU Wiring

We are happy to help in wiring your vehicle as that is the important foundation of a stable and reliable aftermarket ECU installation, avoiding issues down the line.


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