RPE Servicing

RPE Servicing is a division of Robinson Precision Engines dedicated to maintenance and servicing jobs on your daily driver or performance car.

Our team of experienced technicians can cater for all the maintenance needs of your car keeping it in top shape.

Brakes, engine, electrics, fuel systems, batteries, gearbox and driveline servicing and repairs are only some of the services we offer.

Electronic Diagnostic tools are a part of modern motor vehicles and RPE Servicing is equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies that cover all makes and models in Australia. This means we can access your cars control unit and read / erase error codes that will allow us to do the repairs much faster and cheaply.

We strive to provide the best car servicing at the best price.

For the more complex jobs we have a fully equipped engine reconditioning shop and loaner vehicles so you can rest assured we can solve any issues with your vehicle.


We are also certified to issue Pink Slips and Blue Slips.

Pink and Blue SlipsThe Pink Slip, now known as an “e-safety check”: This is an annual inspection for cars over 5 year old, or if your renewal notice says “inspection required.” This check must be done before your registration can be approved. This will look at your tyres, brakes, makes sure all your lights are working and check for leaks. A pink slip is not a roadworthy certificate however and if you are transferring from an interstate registration, selling your vehicle, or your registration has been expired for over 3 months you will still need to get a Blue slip.

A Blue Slip (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection for light vehicles) is a safety inspection report issued by the RTA to prove that a vehicle has passed the required roadworthy, design and identity standards for registration. You will need a blue slip in the following circumstances:

  • Interstate transfers,
  • Vehicles that have run out of registration,
  • Vehicles that have been imported