Ford XR6 Turbo Conversions

Robinson Precision Engines can convert your N/A Ford XR6 to turbo spec using genuine Ford parts as well as a genuine brand new Garrett GT35 turbocharger – the same as used on the stock turbo cars.

This conversion will bring your car’s performance to the XR6 Turbo level, with the same refinement and fuel economy as the factory turbo.

We target 6psi of boost on our converted cars without any reliability issues. The engine is very strong (as strong as the Turbo one) but has slightly higher compression ratio, for which we compensate when tuning. This boost pressure should net you around 220 Kw to the wheels which is more than the usual 210 Kw we get on standard BA/BF XR6 turbos.

The stock BA/BF N/A XR6 is around 130 – 140 Kw to the wheels on our dyno. We are talking about an 80 Kw to the wheels increase (60%) and a huge torque increase with the great power delivery turbo cars have.

Our conversion includes all the best parts for the fuel, turbo and intercooling system for great power and reliability. We use factory Ford parts for most of the conversion to guarantee the best quality and fitment.

A lot of people recommend changing to a turbo but we disagree. If your car is a great driver and has been taken good care of, why change that for a beaten up turbo with dubious service history if you can get the same performance for less money on your own car?

Other say just drop a turbo engine in your car – again with unknown history and mismatched engine numbers, that can bring more problem than it solves. This solution would also involve wiring modifications, ECU transplant the cost of the whole fitting of the engine.

This conversion is fully reversible if you want to bring your car back to stock to sell or some other reason.

When upgrading the power of your car substantially the driveline also sees increased stresses. On manual transmission cars this usually means a new clutch while on the automatic cars this modification should be accompanied by a transmission oil cooler and suitable transmission programming (which we offer with our kits).

Our conversions are tuned on the Dyno so your car will have a Dyno sheet from before and after the modifications.

We do not sell this in “kit” form. We do the install and dyno tuning in house so we can guarantee the quality of the work and the best result for you.


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